Hello, I'm Laurence. I am a Birmingham (UK) based photographer and I love capturing special moments. 
Through the lens I seek to capture the emotion, story, and the experience of that moment for the subject.
Photography started as a hobby in my teenage years. In my spare time I would walk around the city taking pictures of nature, local events and buildings to capture the stories and sights of Birmingham. 
Currently I shoot fashion, products, cosplay and private events such as weddings and funerals. One of my favourite events is carrying out sessions at London Comic Con (Excel Centre). I also like to experiment fusing various elements into my work such combining moving objects and still images, which is called cinemagraphs.
Another enjoyable thing about photography is meeting people from all walks of life. Hearing what they have to say and enthusing about our shared interests. I always find that when sessions start on mutual grounds the final results always shine that much brighter.
On my website you will see samples of work and I hope you enjoy them. 
If you would like me to capture your special moments click the 'Contact Laurence' button below to complete a simple form with your request. I look forward to hearing from you.
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